Choosing the right trainers:

Running in the Bupa London 10K 2008

Pronator or Supinator?

I’m into my 2nd week of training now and the repetitive strain injuries are kicking in. My feet are so bloody soft. I blame living in a household that forced me to wear shoes day in, day out (I used to live in a pub and my Mam was always warning of broken glass). The extra running has given me two whacking great blisters, one on each foot, in exactly the same place, exactly the same size.

The socks I wear cost me £8 and don’t seem to be helping. I won’t go into too much detail about the formation of blisters but allowing excess space and moisture inside the sock has meant that the epidermis and the dermis (layers of the skin) have separated and fluid has formed between the space. Interesting stuff. What’s more interesting is that Compeed, the blister patches designed for women going dancing in their high heels, is what I use to soothe those tender little areas and keep me kicking asphalt!

So today I upgraded my socks and trainers. Paul Radcliffe’s advice is a good pair of trainers is essential and with this in mind I visited Runner’s Need in Holborn, London during my lunch break. I was plonked on a treadmill wearing my suit and a pair of their test trainers. I had to roll up my trousers so the analyst could see the shape of my ankle as it rolled from heel to toe (which made me look like Mr. Bean) while their video cameras filmed my feet. Not pretty. I have one foot that turns out as it hits the ground and both feet roll from the outside of my heel across to the big toe. I’m a pronator (supinator is the opposite) and I look like Phoebe Buffay in that episode of Friends when she’s running in the park.

I went with some Asics Gel 1140’s (£69.99) and some special double layered socks (the extra layer moves so that your top layer of skin doesn’t). 25 minutes easy jog tomorrow so I can ease them in.

If you’re interested, Compeed can also be used to prevent joggers nipple. Just get a pair of scissors and cut a small circle… I’ve said too much.

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2 Responses to “Choosing the right trainers:”

  • Jess:

    Blisters- (a rowers hell) if they are full and firm-pin prick them to get liquid out. Then do not put a plaster on-it will dry out and heal quickly. If they are flat and squishy just leave them-they will callous.
    Nipples-Vaseline more economical than those blister plasters.
    Good luck and enjoy having a fit body!

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