Sir Jog A Lot is hacked…

Lady Jog A Lot – a guest appearance

Lady Jog A Lot“When I met Sir Jog A Lot two and a half years ago, he wasn’t quite the athlete you’ve come to know and follow. Running for the bus was enough to make him work up a sweat… and with a serious addiction to Lurpak, and B&H being his cigarette of choice, I’m not sure what odds, at that point in time, I would have been offered on James (as he was simply known in those days) attempting the London Marathon… let alone completing it!”

“By the time we’d got together 6 months later the fags had gone (he gave up for Lent just before we got together – yay!)… And since we’ve started living together, I’ve managed to wean him off the Lurpak… Anchor Light these days! (I’m not sure he’s ever going to forgive me for that – ha!)”

“Cut to two years later and James is just 8 days from crossing the finishing line of the London Marathon 2009, and I couldn’t be more impressed by his drive, dedication and creativity.  He’s stuck to his training regime like glue, created a fantastic alter-ego in Sir Jog A Lot that has kept family, friends and strangers interested in his training efforts, and helped him exceed his target for the MS-Society – over £2000!  This is my chance to not only thank everyone that has sponsored James so far, but also thank him for running for a cause that means so much to me and my family.”

“My sister, Katie, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about three years ago.  It’s a deceptive and unpredictable illness, which makes it shamefully easy to forget that someone you love dearly carries this burden… But I look back now at the decisions I made in the months following her diagnosis and I realise that she was, and still is, my inspiration for making every second count.  When someone you love dearly suffers with MS, but manages to still go to work and raise a family, it makes you realise that perhaps getting that promotion or getting on the property ladder doesn’t really matter as much as you thought.”

“Running the London Marathon, however… now that really is something special.   And without being too sentimental, I think Sir Jog A Lot is too!”

“Good luck to everyone taking part on the day.  I’ll be there to cheer you on all the way and hopefully help you through those last 6 miles!”

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4 Responses to “Sir Jog A Lot is hacked…”

  • Aw, it’s all so lovely, I’ve got a warm and fuzzy feeling now ;)

  • Ally:

    Two and half years on, Sir Jog A Lot must be almost unrecognisable to you now! Would I be right in saying that you’re really proud of his achievements.
    When someone close to you is diagnosed with an illness, it does make you re-evaluate what’s important, 9 members of my family have been diagnosed with MS – I take nothing for granted anymore.
    I look forward to your support on those last 6.2miles – they’re the toughest!

  • salleeann:

    Hi Ally and Becky.. thanks for your lovely comments!
    Absolutely right Ally – I am so proud of him! Like you, I try to remind myself every day to not take things for granted! See you on the big day :-)

  • Dom:

    What is it with girlfriends and banning Lurpak? I understand a certain Boyd does this too…

    Surely it’s not that bad for you!


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