Eager or Anxious?

Watch out for me on SundayI am now fully immersed in marathon excitement/frustration/anxiety. There are 4 more days to go until this is all over and every part of me is wishing Sunday would hurry up and get here. The lack of exercise is driving me slightly loopy. I’m constantly fidgeting, doodling and finding every excuse to move around. Today I ran up the stairs at work as fast as I could like a little school boy, taking three steps at a time. I even jumped ahead with my checklist and bought my 7 DVDs to watch on Saturday today. One of which was Run Fat Boy Run.

Although I’m ready and raring to go, a side of me is wishing I had longer. I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself after the marathon is over and done with and apparently I’m not alone with this feeling. There is actually a condition called post marathon depression, where a person, instead of feeling relief and a sense of achievement, feels empty and falls into a lull. I’m sure I’ll be feeling the former, plus I have a 10k race booked in after (in which I’m hoping to break the 50-minute mark).

Over the past few days all I’ve done is research the London Marathon in a bid to get a feel for what the experience is going to be like. I don’t want any surprises coming my way on Sunday. In doing so I stumbled across the London Marathon media pack, which contains a multitude of brilliant facts about the marathon – like the following:

  • The most money raised for charity by a single marathon runner was £1,841,138
  • This year over 150,000 people applied to run the marathon, around 50,000 normally get accepted and around 36,000 actually start
  • The most common profession amongst this year’s runners is teaching/education
  • 159 of the runners will be celebrating their birthday on race day
  • 300 litres of blue paint will be used to paint the line on the course that represents the shortest distance
  • 750,000 bottles of water will be distributed throughout the course
  • The fastest time run in a Santa outfit is 3:12:27!

However, this is the most worrying fact…

  • Number of urinal bays at the start = 400

Lets say that out of the 36,000 people that normally start, 20,000 odd are men (this year the number of men out-weigh the women at around 3-1). Lets also assume that every man will need the loo at least once during the build up to the start. That equates to 50 men per urinal! This is probably why the London Marathon magazine in the starters pack contains this picture…

My garden is near the start line!

I’ve always been one for toilet humour.

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9 Responses to “Eager or Anxious?”

  • Dan:

    haha nice post; post marathon blues I can well imagine. I’ve heard from some the final 5 miles, although hard, are such a buzz from the crowds that it’s those hard moments that lead to so many people resigning up.

    I am too buzzing with energy that needs to be dispersed. Tell me this at 23 miles.

  • I hope you have a great run don’t worry about after the race just enjoy it. This will be my 30th and I have always been okay afterwards just plan for your next race

  • Greg Carrott:

    Hey mate,

    All the more reason to have the empty bottle with you at all times before the starting gun……remember not to start too fast and weather is looking spot on for long distance running on Sunday, I’m posting a motivational FB profile pic for your big day…..enjoy :)

  • Phil:

    Don’t worry about the pre-race urinals – was the same last year but they were never full!

    I got there way too early and went 2 or 3 times and it was never more than a quarter full.

    For afterwards, try finding something else to focus on – another race, a holiday, a pub crawl! I had nothing (apart from aches and pains) and it was such an empty feeling for about a month!

  • Love the pic – a real action shot with both feet off the ground!

    I’m not necessarily going to get post-marathon syndrome but will probably get post-training-fundraising-marathon syndrome, although a lot of my fundraising continues into May. I’ve been watching videos of the finish on YouTube and so many people go through the finish, arms in the air, cheering, then go ‘oh’ it’s finished, what an anticlimax! :)

    It’s good that you already have another race booked in (I’m thinking of signing up for another half marathon). You’re so going to sign up for next year’s marathon too aren’t you? ;)

  • salleeann:

    sirjogalot – We could make a killing with this toilet marlarky… charge people £1 a time?

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