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Lymphoma AssosiationSo I’ve managed to claw my way back into the London Marathon for 2010. Thanks to the Lymphoma Association, I’ll be donning a fluorescent green running vest in April 2010 and running around London with 40,000 other nutters (some of you may have noticed a new purple twinge to the site).

If you were lucky enough to have been given a ballot place, then count yourself lucky indeed! You had less than a 1 in 5 shot. 100,000 entrants will have been turned down to run in 2010. I was one of them so thank your lucky stars you even have a shot.

If you managed to grab a charity place then count yourself even luckier. To grab one of the 12,500 guaranteed places you have a 1 in 8 shot!

Unless you’re a celebrity, the hardest part of the London Marathon is getting in!

Sponsor this block...Guaranteed (Golden Bond) places come at a cost. Sponsorship targets range from £1000 – £2500 and most charities will make you sign a form to say that you will have banked the money by a certain date. For the 2009 marathon my target was £2000, which I smashed by over £400. But in order to do that I had to win an amateur video competition, beg my company for a sizeable donation and rely on the huge generosity of my friends and family, who will no doubt be suffering from ‘donor fatigue’ this time around.

I’ll be covering off unique ways to raise money in this blog in the months to come. But before that I have to plug my own!

To help me reach my sponsorship target of £1500, Sir Jog A Lot has begun a Sponsor this block! campaign. Businesses, websites, bloggers and individuals can all be part of the campaign by donating to the Lymphoma Association and sponsoring a block on SJAL’s sponsorship wall. Your block will act as an advert; you can upload a picture and your block will link back to your website/blog.

The wall will stay up until 31st December 2010 and the more you sponsor, the higher up the wall your block will appear. Donations can be as little as £2 and please don’t worry if that’s all you can give. You’ll still get a block!

If you are one of the top 4 sponsors, your block will appear of every page on the Sir Jog A Lot blog. Click here or on any of the blocks on the right-hand side to donate. Donations are accepted via JustGiving and your money will go directly to the Lymphoma Association (there’s nothing Million Dollar Homepage about this blog!).

Thank you so much for your support. A very very close family member was nearly taken from us by Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a nasty form of cancer. I think you’ll agree that the Lymphoma Association deserves every penny it can get.

Donate now!

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