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Socks Socks Socks:

North Face Lightweight Running SockThere are many advantages to marathon training. Some run for weight loss. Others run for that sense of self-accomplishment or for the benefits of being that little bit healthier. But these all come at a cost; the state of your feet.

Nothing will prepare you for the first time you lose a toenail because you forgot to trim them before a long run. Or for the number of blisters your feet can accumulate in an hour. I actually can not get rid of one of my blisters, which I now affectionately refer to as the ‘grape’. Apologies to those who are eating while reading this.

There are three ways to combat blisters.

  1. Run so hard and so often that your feet callous up to the texture of sand paper.
  2. Buy a big pack of sterilised needles and get popping.
  3. Wear the correct socks for you.

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The World Won’t Let Me Train!

Snow in BlackheathI’m writing this post from the comfort of my bed this week. A culmination of the cold weather, over doing it at Christmas and marathon training have resulted in a sustained period of man-flu and (eventually) two days off work.

After my doctor basically told me to stop being an idiot, stop training, take some paracetamol and go to bed, I’m now halting my marathon training until I’m back up to full strength.

It’s a tough little conundrum. Like last year, I’ve taken on a 16-week training plan for this year’s marathon. Some don’t think that’s enough but 5-6 runs a week for 4 months will do me plenty.

I’d kept up a fairly decent 10k pace before beginning my training so it wasn’t too much of a shock to the system once starting. But how in the name of all that is holy am I supposed to train in the worst snow Britain has seen for decades, not get a cold and have any chance of beating my time last year?!

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Happy Birthday Sir Jog A Lot!

A huge thank you if you’re still reading this blog 1 whole year since its inception!

Sir Jog A Lot was started to keep friends and family interested in my 2009 London Marathon training while trying to raise money for the MS Society. I quickly realised while training that there are plenty of running-related foibles to write about and a ton of things to consider before taking up a marathon.

SJAL has changed quite a bit since January 2009, turning from the original WordPress blog (still live here) into what you can see now. One big change was the introduction of reviews after the 2009 marathon. I was deeply concerned about losing the die-hard fans, who were reading the blog purely for its penetrative look into the psyche of an amateur runner. But I’ve tried to use the PR industry as much to your advantage as mine by giving away as many of the products as I can in the 6 competitions we ran last year.

Although you’ve been able to see advertising on this blog for some time, I can safely say that Sir Jog A Lot has made absolutely no money (not for the want of trying). I wasn’t taught economics at school! The only money I’ve made off the back of this blog has gone straight to charity, either by indirect sponsorship for the MS Society or through the Sponsor this block! campaign, which is on its way to making the Lymphoma Association £1500!

Happy Birthday SJAL

One year on and I’m back where I began; training for the London Marathon (2010). Best of luck to those who are training for the first ever Virgin London Marathon and I hope you’ll get touch through the comments on this blog with any tips, advice or well-wishing to your fellow marathon runners.


REVIEW: Nike LunarGlide+

Nike LunarGlide+

Another lovely PR got in touch and has provided me with a pair of Nike LunarGlides to test out. Now I’m a big fan of Nike’s work. Their website that allows you to custom design your own trainers is awesome (that’s right, you can be just like Michael Jordon). I also own a pair of Nike 90 football boots which I have scored many a (own) goal in. But I’m afraid, this time, Nike get a C+ from me. Could do better.

Like a pair of football boots, the LunarGlides only seem to come in dark colours*. Now you may disagree, but I don’t associate dark trainers with a jog-loving athlete. I associate dark trainers with the kind of person that likes to play music loudly from a mobile phone at the back of a bus.

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