REVIEW: Nike LunarGlide+

Nike LunarGlide+

Another lovely PR got in touch and has provided me with a pair of Nike LunarGlides to test out. Now I’m a big fan of Nike’s work. Their website that allows you to custom design your own trainers is awesome (that’s right, you can be just like Michael Jordon). I also own a pair of Nike 90 football boots which I have scored many a (own) goal in. But I’m afraid, this time, Nike get a C+ from me. Could do better.

Like a pair of football boots, the LunarGlides only seem to come in dark colours*. Now you may disagree, but I don’t associate dark trainers with a jog-loving athlete. I associate dark trainers with the kind of person that likes to play music loudly from a mobile phone at the back of a bus.

P.S. Apologies if you thought this review was going to judge comfort, width and durability.

All superficiality aside though, for a shoe that costs £80 I’m surprised at how cheap the LunarGlides feel. The fabric around the toes feels like felt and the underside of the tongue and heel resembles beach towel. The reason for this is weight loss. The trainers are very light for how bulky they look. The designer of this shoe has also focused very hard on the soles, which incorporate something called ‘Dynamic Support’.


The advantage of having a ‘Dynamic Support‘ sole (patent pending) is that these trainers are designed to suit just about anybody. It is designed to respond to each step as the ‘LunarLite foam core that sits within a firmer foam carriage and features a rear-foot wedge, provides stability when needed’.

Fancy! Well what this translates to is that if you’re a neutral runner, these shoes will be perfect. But unfortunately you can’t have the best of both worlds and being an overpronator I was left with quite a few blisters. My advice is if you have an unusual running gait then try a more specialised shoe.

The LunarGlide+, like most good sports trainers, has a removable sole. But in this case it is to allow access to the gap underneath for the Nike+ sensor, allowing you to sync up your run with your ipod and play your ‘power song’ at the right moment (an extra £19).

I feel I’ve been a little harsh about these trainers as on the feet of the right person they are an ideal running shoe (a friend of mine owns a pair and swears by them). I have actually found a use for them though. On a dark 5-a-side football pitch, the bright stripe of the sole is a great target for your team mates to pass to!

* The LunarGlide+ have a specific design for women as they run differently to men. An added bonus is that the women’s version comes in white!

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