Sport Relief in Bristol:

In support of Sport ReliefWith a month to go until the London Marathon, I was feeling decidedly guilty about having absolutely no warm-up races booked in. Last year I’d managed to scrape into the Eastbourne Half-Marathon, but a combination of forgetfulness and ‘waiting until pay day’ had meant that I’d missed my opportunity to enter most of the unofficial pre-marathon warm-up races (like the Adidas Silverstone Half). So when an old school friend organised a reunion in the form of a 1, 3 or 6-mile run for Sport Relief in Bristol, I launched in.

For those that aren’t aware, every two years the people at Comic Relief and BBC Sport team up to raise a massive amount for charity, as well as uniting the sporting community and providing an entertaining night of TV for the British public. This year’s main celebrity contribution has come from Eddie Izzard, who ran 43 marathons in 52 days in aid of this cause (painful ice-bath video here). The Sport Relief Mile allows individuals from all over the country to run a mile and get friends and family to sponsor them. Money raised will either go to some of the poorest countries in the World, or will stay at home to help underprivileged people in the UK.

Even my 7-year-old brother was involved this year. His school took part, running 4 laps of their school field. But the little Mini Sir Jog A Lot ended up doing 10 laps! Show off.

The run was staged around Bristol’s College Green and as there were so many people running, the race was set off in waves. Doing 6 miles, as I was, meant 6 laps around a one-mile course. I was in this to get a good time. My marathon training plan said “10km race – hard effort” so I was keen to keep a sub 8-mile an hour pace.

Bang! We’re off (click – turn the watch on) and the serious athlete Sir Jog A Lot immediately realises he’s taking this event far too seriously. It’s not a race, it’s a fun run. I still wanted a good time, but I wasn’t going to get annoyed by having to dodge rollerbladers, musicians, 3-year-olds, hula hoopers and mankini-clad nutters (even though another wave of runners was released right into my path on the 4th lap).

Sadly, it was all over before it had begun. The hilly little 6 laps (which turned out to be only 5.58 miles according to the GPS) went by in 43 minutes. I was bloody pleased with that! I was on course for a 47-minute 10k and had a good laugh in the process. Last time I checked, Sport Relief had raised over £30 million. A fabulous effort in which half of the country seems to have been a part of. And on top of that, a good quality medal and a goodie bag to boot!

A special mention to my running partners Hannah (3 miles) and Jess (6 miles), whom I rudely left behind right at the start! I wasn’t taking it seriously, honest…

Sport Relief

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  • Jess Balderston:

    Haha. Great entry Barn. Left behind, I don’t know! Your elbows were just sharper than ours getting through the crowds by elbowing small children out the way. Glad I stuck to my own pace though otherwise I would have missed two men in mankini’s near the end of the race! I was a bit disturbed at first but as I ran past got a good look at some toned cheeks and it spurred me on to the end! Good effort my all of us on a fair hangover I’d say x

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