REVIEW: Cygnett Action Sport Armband

iPhone ArmbandWhen Mobile Fun got in touch and offered me a Cygnett iPod running armband to review I scooped up my freebie like the heartless sell-out that I am.

I recently won an iPod Touch in a competition and have been wearing out the batteries on my long runs using the Spotify application. It’s awesome. But not being able to change tracks has been a pain. Plus my little mp3 holder now has so many holes in it that it’s not exactly waterproof.

Now, a colleague at work thinks that this will be the shortest review ever. “It holds your iPod while you’re running. Done!” But one thing he underestimates about bloggers is their ability to waffle for endless amounts of time about absolutely nothing. So watch this!

  1. It’s waterproof (sort of!)
    MoistureI tested this armband to the brink on the weekend during my 20-miler before the marathon. It was raining cats and dogs on Saturday, plus I was sweating like Tom Jones so this thing needed to be water resistant. And it was to an extent. Your iPhone slots in really nicely into the back underneath a little flap, keeping it nice and flat against your arm. But while the front screen is waterproof, the material that touches your arm is breathable and moisture does get in, leaving little sweaty droplets at the end of your run (see photo). Of course, there are holes for the headphones (and the lock button) so it’s never going to be fully water resistant, but I don’t think enough moisture will get in to damage your iPod.
  2. You can change tracks
    Something that most of you will probably take for granted with your current armbands. But I’ve been using a pouch for the last year and haven’t been able to switch songs. This can take it’s toll on your sanity when the shuffle button hasn’t worked and you end up listening to all 15 minutes of Rapper’s Delight twice in a row. So having a clear screen and being able to access all of the iPod’s controls is brilliant. But, this does mean that everyone you run past can see what you’re listening to. So if you’ve got something a little embarrassing playing like ‘Finally’ by CeCe Peniston, the whole World will know.
  3. It’s comfortable
    Again, something you might take for granted. But the last thing I want is for the blasted thing to start chafing or itching when I’m out on a massive run. An iPod is an expensive item to ditch half-way through a run if it’s slowing you down. So the Cygnett armband is slightly elasticated and made from neoprene (a synthetic rubber), which is really snug.

Okay, so that wasn’t the most in-depth article I’ve ever written. But the longer I waffle, the longer you have to wait for me to tell you how you can win one for yourself!

Sir Win A Lot

Competition-timeNow, I’m in my girlfriend’s bad books this week because I won’t let her win this competition. So before she steals the armband for herself and I get in trouble with the PCC, you’d better enter.


I will, in no way, look upon entries more favourably if they also leave a £2 donation to my London Marathon charity, the Lymphoma Association. ;-)

Thanks to Mobile Fun, who have all sorts of other iPhone accessories, for providing another armband to give away. I won’t make you wear my sweaty one!

*Winners will be contacted either by email or Twitter and announced on 5th April. Your email address will in no way be distributed to third parties. Entry to UK residents only.

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