Bupa London 10K:

Bupa London 10k - The FinishOne month after the London Marathon, many people have fallen back into ‘normal life’. I certainly have. My 5 runs a week have turned to one or two, my social life is back with a vengeance and my beer belly is starting to resurface. So a 10k race seemed the perfect way to stay in shape, or at least give me something to train for to combat those post-marathon blues.

The Bupa London 10,000 is now in it’s third year and seems to grow each time I run it. I’ve run all three races and can say without hesitation that this is one of the finest running races in the UK. This morning 13,000 people descended on Buckingham Palace to run alongside the likes of Mo Farah, Chris Thomson, Micah Kogo and half the cast of Emmerdale. With the weather overcast and a cool breeze in places, a personal best was definitely on the cards for a lot of people.

Last year I’d managed a not-too-shabby time of 49:33; a PB for me. Part of the reason for this was because of the small groups that are released over the start line in waves. The race is organised by the same people that run the London Marathon, so they are used to handling large numbers of runners. Last year I was given a very clear line to the finish, with little congestion and ran a very comfortable race. The organisers kept my time on record and had deemed that this year I was eligible to set off in the second wave (of which I was able to get right to the front).

The 10k covers most of Central London, starting from Westminster (right past Big Ben), running along the Embankment (with views of the London Eye and Tower Bridge), through the City (past The Gherkin and St Paul’s Cathedral) before finishing back at Westminster (past Trafalgar Square and down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace). It’s a tourist’s dream! In one hour you’ll see most of London’s best bits and you don’t even have to get on the tube! Click here for a map of the course.

There are two water stations and two showers stations, which was helpful as parts of the City were a little humid. The spectator support is lacking slightly as the race is simply not as well known as something like the London Marathon. But along the Embankment there was plenty to keep me going, along with at least 5 bands playing along the route (including the incredible Taiko Drummers from the London Marathon).

Incredibly, Britain’s Mo Farah set a British road record today, running an incredible time of 27:44 after sprinting away from Micah Kogo (5 seconds behind) and another Brit was on the podium as Chris Thomson came in third. The almost perfect conditions certainly played their part as I was able to run a 47:15, knocking two full minutes off my personal best (admittedly having hardly trained and sporting a mild hangover).

Still, so many runners did the old trick of starting off too quickly! Being at the front of my group, I was passed by a heck of a lot of people in the early stages today, only to overtake many of them again a mile before the finish (with a smug grin on my face if I’m honest). Pacing is so important (see point 5 of this post).

So what’s in the goodie bag?

  • Asics Race T-shirt (good quality)
  • Race medal (good quality)
  • 1 bottle of Lucozade Lite
  • Sachet of Jointace Gel
  • Ricola Sugar Free Herb Drops
  • Nature Valley Granola Bar
  • 1 bottle of Nestle Pure Life water
  • Canderel Sweetner

Like this? See 5 tips for running a 10k race.

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  • Hels:

    Congrats on the PB. I too ran, but was much slower than you. And I didn’t have the excuse of having a hangover :) Blog going on the favourites – I also plod around Blackheath, but probably a lot slower than you!

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