Headphones For Runners:

CommiserationsSo the London Marathon ballot places are out and, yes, you guessed it, no such luck for yours truly. I don’t think my friends would be my friends if I asked them for any more sponsorship. So it looks as though I won’t be running in 2011 (insert sad face emoticon here).

But for those of you who got your places, those months of training will soon be kicking off (if they haven’t already) and I don’t think I’d have survived my four months on the road if I hadn’t had my trusty headphones and an mp3 player. So for the last few months I’ve been scouring my PR phone book to try and find a decent set that are well-priced, comfortable, suitable for runners and (most importantly) sound good.

I’ve checked out eight sets of headphones in total. Eight because there’s only so much a lone-blogger can do. Eight because it looks nice in the grid below. But mainly, eight because that’s all I could get my hands on.

Enjoy reading, and if any of you can recommend any decent sets then please leave a comment. Click on the links below to get going.

Peace out.


Headphone reviews - Sir Jog A Lot

Etymotic hf5 review (£65) V-MODA Remix Remote review (£89.95) Bose In-Ear review (£79) Diddy Beats review (£119.99) Audeo PFE 022 + Mic review (£99) Nokia BH-214 (£39.99) i303 iLuv review (£24.82) Sony MDR-AS50G review (£34.99)
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2 Responses to “Headphones For Runners:”

  • chelsian:

    nice article, those diddybeats look pretty tasty for non running use!

  • Rob Hancox:

    to be honest I’ve tried a huge number of headphones – some 12 or more in my 12 years of marathon running – but the pair I keep coming back to is “Sony MDR-ED21LP Groove Shaped Earpiece headphones”.

    I’ve got a pair of Bose (£180 !!!) the sound is great but the fluffy ear sponge rots after a few runs.

    The Sony’s sound is great for the price – shop at Amazon and pick them up for £12 versus the £30 you would pay on the high street (aka Curry’s).


    ps. really like the blog, well done

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