Baby on board!

I was forced to stand up on the train on Monday morning, following my 20-mile run the day before. I was so incensed that I’ve made this badge to mimic the ‘Baby on board!’ badges that pregnant women wear on the London Underground.

Runners of the world, it’s time we got a little appreciation for our efforts, in the form of a seat on a train!


Stand up. Yes... I'm talking to you!

One Response to “Baby on board!”

  • Gertrud Porter:

    I went for a 21mile run and took the underground back home. I got on the train and collapsed in to a seat. I looked up and this pregnant young lady waved her Baby on Board badge at me and said the the seat was hers. I very reluctantly stood up – moting that no other passenger offered me a seat although I am well up in my 60th

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