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Feeling Better…

Thanks for all your support.

Thanks for all your support.

It’s the Thursday night following the marathon on Sunday. For the first time today, I actually walked to work like an everyday commuter (without being asked by old ladies if I required assistance crossing the road). My legs are feeling much better and my feet have started to harden after a seriously disgusting session with some surgical scissors last night.

I’m very lucky that I started a new job last week. Being immersed in work has kept me busy and helped me through the post-marathon blues. That, and the support I received after my incredibly depressing post on Sunday night. I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to message me and pull me out of my slump.

Some of the words of wisdom I received were so good that they really deserve sharing, so here are a few quotes that might help those of you who didn’t quite have the experience you deserved on race day, feel just that little bit better…

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London Marathon 2012 – Is This The End?

A bitter-sweet race

A bitter-sweet race

I’ve just this second gotten home after completing the Virgin London Marathon 2012 and I’ve decided to write this post while it’s all still fresh in my mind. Actually, I’m writing this as a reminder to myself of what I’ve just been through, so that I’m not tempted to enter again…

First of all, I came in at 3:43:43. That’s not too shabby I think. It’s a PB by 38 minutes, it puts me in the sub-4 hour club and it was within target B from my weird 3-tier target-time system (more on this here). However, I’m in a bad place right now. Here’s why.

The race started badly. I’d managed to blag my way into pen 3 so that I could run with the 8-min/mile pacers (a 3:30:00 target time), but the course was so congested during the first mile that I immediately lost them. In fact, by the end of mile one I was 45 seconds off the pace (after sheer numbers forced the runners to a walking pace). The London Marathon is always busy, but I was so frustrated with people who were clearly running too slowly to be in these early pens. Yes, I had just sneaked my way into the wrong start group, but in my mind I was justified to be there, unlike some people who’d started in pen 2 and were walking by the second mile.

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London Marathon Facts 2012:

Virgin London Marathon 2012

Click here for the full 2012 media pack.

I can’t believe that this’ll be the 4th year in a row that I’ve done this post, but the London marathon media pack is out and once again it’s rammed full of interesting stats about the race. To save you from sifting through 230 pages of information, I’ve highlighted a few tidbits below for you. Enjoy!

817,890 – total number of runners ever to have completed the London Marathon
34,705 – number of finishers in 2011
170,150 – number of applications this year

1,000,000 – estimated number of spectators
$55,000 – prize money for first place (same for men and women) with a bonus scheme involved

101 – the age of the oldest man running(!)
188 – number of runners whose birthday is on race day

600,000 – total number of goody bag items
– number or portable toilets
– total number of marshals (superb effort)
2,000 – plasters on hand from Ambulance volunteers
100 – lbs of vaseline
– number of rubbish bags filled after the race

7,200 – number of runners who write a blog (that’s 20% of all runners!)

18 – number of ‘Ever Presents’ left (someone who has run every single London Marathon – the youngest being Chris Finnill, in his fifties, who ran a 2:51:29 last year!)

Notable celebs running this year (and their predicted times):

James ‘Arg’ Argent – TOWIE (4:30:00)
Tony Audenshaw – Bob Hope from Emmerdale (3:10:00)
Linda Barker – TV presenter (4:30:00)
Calum Best – George Best’s son (5:30:00)
James Cracknell – Olympic gold medalist in rowing (2:50:00)
Jenni Falconer – TV presenter (3:45:00)
Craig Doyle – TV presenter (3:45:00)
Nell McAndrew – TV presenter/model (3:09:00)
Jonathon Pearce – Football commentator (5:30:00)
Gordon Ramsay – Celebrity chef (3:30:00)
Sophie Raworth – News presenter (4:15:00)
Susanna Reid – BBC Breakfast (5:00:00)
Michel Roux – Celebrity chef (3:35:00)
Iwan Thomas – 400m champion (4:00:00)
Chrissie Wellington – World Ironman champion (2:35:00)
Will Young – Singer (3:30:00)

100m (1)
10K Races (4)
5K (2)
Blisters (1)
Chafing (5)
Charity (16)
Competition (17)
Fitness (21)
Fundraising (12)
Gait (1)
Half Marathon (3)
Headphones (1)
Health (13)
Hitting the wall (3)
Injury (10)
Jogging (30)
Listening to Music (4)
London Marathon (57)
Motivation (1)
mp3 players (5)
Nutrition (1)
Pacing (3)
PB (3)
Preparation (2)
Professional Running (1)
Races (11)
Recovery (3)
Reviews (11)
Running (29)
Sir Jog A Lot News (5)
Socks (1)
Sports (9)
Trainers (8)
Twitter (1)
Usain Bolt (1)
Video (2)
Weight Loss (5)

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