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Lucozade Sport Competition Winners:

Lucozade SportThank you to everyone who entered the Lucozade Sport Marathon Pack competition last week by leaving a comment on the post with your predicted race time. There seem to be some very sporty runners amongst you, with the majority aiming to run it under 4 hours!

Congratulations to..

  1. Mark Entwisle from Bracknell
  2. Graham Cutter from Fareham
  3. Shafiq Khan from Lancashire
  4. Katy Greene from Pitstone
  5. Richard Taylor from East Lothian

Your Lucozade Sport Marathon packs are on their way to you and you should have them before the race this coming Sunday.

Good luck! SJAL

Win a Lucozade Sport Marathon Pack!

Lucozade Sport Marathon Race packThanks to the marvellous people at Lucozade Sport, I’ve got 5 marathon race packs to give away and post to you before the London Marathon on the 25th April. The packs include:

  • Lucozade Sport Body Fuel in Raspberry
  • Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Caffeine Boost
  • Lucozade Sport Jelly Beans
  • Lucozade Sport Carbohydrate Energy Tablets
  • Lucozade Sport Orange Cereal Bar
  • Lucozade Sport Mixed Berry Cereal Bar
  • VLM Course Route Runners Guide
  • Liz & Martin Yelling’s VLM Tips

To enter, simply leave your name and your predicted race time in a comment below (just for interests sake)! I’ll announce the winners on Monday so we can get your packs out to you before the race on the following Sunday (race day).

Good luck! SJAL.


Your email address will in no way be distributed to third parties. Entry to UK residents only.

BMF Competition Winners:

BMF videosThanks to everyone who entered the competition to win a copy of BMF’s new iPhone app, My Fitness Instructor.

We had three to give away. The lucky three winners were:

Congratulations you three! You’ll be receiving an email shortly with an iTunes gift certificate to redeem the app.

We have one more competition coming up before the marathon starts. There’ll be a chance for 5 of you to win a Lucozade Sport running pack!

REVIEW: My Fitness Instructor

BMF My Fitness InstructorLast year the kind people at BMF (British Military Fitness) got in touch and offered me a free session with one of their military instructors. My conclusion was that it was a fantastic workout, a great atmosphere and very fairly priced. But if the weather was half as bad as it has been lately, I might as well have thrown that money away. My 3-year tenure in the South has turned me into a soft-as-sh*te, cold hater.

A chap called Jon, who also runs a blog called My Big Fat Geek Running, emailed me just before the launch of the BMF iPhone app, My Fitness Instructor. His blog is a cross between losing weight and promoting the iPhone app, which launched on Friday 26th March. Jon kindly offered me a chance to review it.

My Fitness Instructor is a premium application that allows you to fit your own little BMF instructor right in your pocket. Instead of paying the price of a gym membership every month, you can splash out £5.99 and choose when and where you do your own workouts.

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Sport Armband Competition Winner:

iPhone ArmbandThanks to all who entered the competition this week to win a Cygnett Action Sport Armband. You could win in one of two ways. Either by tweeting the competition or by commenting on the blog post.

The lucky comment came from Chris Campbell. Congratulations Chris! Your armband will be with you in the next few days.

For the rest of you, keep checking back here, follow SJAL on twitter or subscribe to the SJAL RSS Feed, for details on further competitions.

REVIEW: Cygnett Action Sport Armband

iPhone ArmbandWhen Mobile Fun got in touch and offered me a Cygnett iPod running armband to review I scooped up my freebie like the heartless sell-out that I am.

I recently won an iPod Touch in a competition and have been wearing out the batteries on my long runs using the Spotify application. It’s awesome. But not being able to change tracks has been a pain. Plus my little mp3 holder now has so many holes in it that it’s not exactly waterproof.

Now, a colleague at work thinks that this will be the shortest review ever. “It holds your iPod while you’re running. Done!” But one thing he underestimates about bloggers is their ability to waffle for endless amounts of time about absolutely nothing. So watch this!

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Reebok Running Pack Competition Winner:

SJAL CompetitionWell as there were so many opportunities to win the competition this week, I suppose I’d better announce a winner!

Not only could you simply re-tweet @sirjogalot, but many of you were given an extra shot at getting the answer to the question right! So how many miles is a marathon race? Well thanks to my typo, it was either B, 26.2 miles or C, 26.2 miles.

This week’s winner is Daniel Lambert from Watford. Congratulations Daniel. You win a load of running goodies (pictured here) including a Reebok Running Pack.

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