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Another Cold:

Man sized...I swear my immune system is weaker than the Tories’ election campaign. For the second time during my marathon training I’ve picked up a cold. But this time it’s 3 days until the London Marathon!

Now I can sit around and sulk about the fact that I’ll be potentially be running the marathon ill, or I can focus on getting better. It’s not uncommon for runners who have been training for 4 months to pick up a cold in the weeks before a race. In fact, I found myself reading my own blog post from last year to remind me of the fact.

Endurance training causes a rise in the hormone cortisol which causes stress. This stress can affect the immune system, which can make you more susceptible to infection! So basically, because I’m eating better and exercising more, I’m more likely to get a cold than Fatty McFatterson of Cheeseburger Land!

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REVIEW: Cygnett Action Sport Armband

iPhone ArmbandWhen Mobile Fun got in touch and offered me a Cygnett iPod running armband to review I scooped up my freebie like the heartless sell-out that I am.

I recently won an iPod Touch in a competition and have been wearing out the batteries on my long runs using the Spotify application. It’s awesome. But not being able to change tracks has been a pain. Plus my little mp3 holder now has so many holes in it that it’s not exactly waterproof.

Now, a colleague at work thinks that this will be the shortest review ever. “It holds your iPod while you’re running. Done!” But one thing he underestimates about bloggers is their ability to waffle for endless amounts of time about absolutely nothing. So watch this!

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Get back on the road to recovery...After any long distance run, the steps you take during your recovery process can determine how quickly you are out running again. Those in full swing of a marathon training plan, will be running anything from 5 to 20 miles each weekend. Here are a few tips to ensure you are back on your feet by the time the next weekend comes around…

  • Stretch
    Probably the most important thing you should do immediately after your run is stretch. It will help increase the length of your stride. You’ll also flush out lactic acid and prevent an injury creeping up on you over the next few days. Position your stretch and hold it for 10 seconds. Do not bounce. Some people believe that stretching can sometimes cause injury (muscle tearing etc). While this is true, injury normally occurs when you stretch cold, tight muscle (i.e. before a run). Stretching warmer muscles (which they will be after a run) should be fine. Check out Brad Walker’s book, The Anatomy of Stretching for more information.
  • Refuel
    Make sure you take on plenty of water as soon as you finish. This will replenish the fluids you’ve lost in sweat as you’ve been running. A good way to check that you are hydrated enough after a run is to look at the colour of your urine. If it is darker than usual, drink more. Drinking sports drinks and using sports gels or CLIF Shot Blocks will also replace electrolytes so try to do this as you run. Once you are back your body will be screaming out for you to replenish your glycogen stores. You’ll need to stock up on carbs and protein so get a banana down you within 20 minutes of getting back.

  • Keep warm
    Blue Active GelYou’ll feel understandably hot after a marathon and keeping warm might be the last thing you want to do. But the foil blankets are there for a reason! Your defences are weakened after a long run and as your body loses heat you’ll increase the risk of infection. Your muscles will also become stiff. Cool your body down gradually by keeping moving (strong walks will loosen the muscles).
  • Sooth those aches and pains
    If you have picked up an injury, or you find that one part of your body is aching more than usual, then rest that area. Massage gels like Jointace, Blue Active Gel and Tiger Balm are useful for reducing inflammation around the knees or the lower back. Alternatively, grab a bag of frozen peas or have an ice bath.

  • Get a massage
    Get a massage...If you’ve just finished a marathon and ran for a charity, a lot of charities provide free sports massages at the finish line. They can be pretty intense though so you might want to ask the masseuse to take it easy on you. If you’re in training, chances are that you won’t be able to splash out for a sports massage every week so try out the Scholl Percussion Massager (£49.99). One of the detachable heads has a group of rubber pinpoints that really loosens your thigh muscles. It also has a detachable handle so you can do your own back (if your other half won’t oblige)!
  • Aerate your feet
    Get those soggy socks off quickly and let your feet breathe. The moisture that can accumulate in your shoes during a long distance run can lead to infections. Change into dry socks immediately after your run. Better still, wear flip-flops around the house. It’ll also mean that blisters will heal more quickly. SOLE’s Platinum Sandals do the trick nicely as they have an orthopedic  footbed (rather than a flat piece of rubber) that supports your arches and are much more comfortable than standard flip-flops.

Sir Win A Lot


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