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Sub 3:45 or die!

Success in the ballot

Success in the ballot

After three failed attempts at gaining a London Marathon place through the over-subscribed ballot system, I finally managed to bag one. I’d have been running in 2013 either way as I’ve been able to creep into the 5-goes-and-you-get-a-guaranteed-place system before they phased it out. But in April 2012, I’ll be running the Virgin London Marathon without the pressure of raising money for a charity, or being followed as a pacer. This year it’s all about me!

Actually, it’s always been about me. I’m writing a blog documenting the highs and lows of my personal training, a subject that interests no-one but me. How narcissistic can you get? I mean, come on. “Oooh, boo hoo, I lost a toenail.” or “Look at me, here’s how many hits this blog has had.” [I actually did this.]

And to top it off, I’ve been writing posts describing, in detail, just how little training I’m actually doing, in the hope of running a sub 4-hour marathon on my first go? My naivety was actually pointed out to me quite recently by some forum members on Runner’s World while I was writing a piece on running a sub 20-minute 5K. And they were quite right to scrutinize. “Jogging occasionally” was pretty much what I was doing.

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11-Minute Miles:

Find me on TwitterFirstly, an apology. This blog hasn’t been updated nearly enough over the past 6 months. I could blame this on being busy at my new job (I am now Multimedia Designer for the fabulous Runner’s World), but in reality, working there should have provided me with plenty of material for a blog about running.

Secondly, some congratulations. After some rigorous training with Coach Jog A Lot, Lady Jog A Lot completed the Royal Parks Half-Marathon (her first) in under 2 and a half hours. I was there to cheer her on (trekking around London and spotting her an impressive 6 times) and was very proud and impressed with how well she did. Hopefully she’ll be up for writing a review of the day soon, as it was a great event as a spectator.

Thirdly, some exciting news. As some of you may know, I was sadly denied a ballot place for the 2011 Virgin London Marathon (again). As I entered for the first time three years ago, I’ll be entitled to a guaranteed place in a couple of years (a scheme which the VLM team have now phased out), where I can hopefully finally crack sub-4. But this week I found out that I’ll be running in 2011 as a Runner’s World Pacer!

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How to Get Into Your Local Newspaper:

It’s been quite a week for my London marathon fundraising. With the help of the Lymphoma Association press team and some savvy press release writing skills, we’ve managed to get my sponsorship efforts into two newspapers! Here’s how I managed it…

*Update: April 5th 2010
I updated this slideshow after I went home for the weekend and discovered another newspaper had included the story!

Happy Birthday Sir Jog A Lot!

A huge thank you if you’re still reading this blog 1 whole year since its inception!

Sir Jog A Lot was started to keep friends and family interested in my 2009 London Marathon training while trying to raise money for the MS Society. I quickly realised while training that there are plenty of running-related foibles to write about and a ton of things to consider before taking up a marathon.

SJAL has changed quite a bit since January 2009, turning from the original WordPress blog (still live here) into what you can see now. One big change was the introduction of reviews after the 2009 marathon. I was deeply concerned about losing the die-hard fans, who were reading the blog purely for its penetrative look into the psyche of an amateur runner. But I’ve tried to use the PR industry as much to your advantage as mine by giving away as many of the products as I can in the 6 competitions we ran last year.

Although you’ve been able to see advertising on this blog for some time, I can safely say that Sir Jog A Lot has made absolutely no money (not for the want of trying). I wasn’t taught economics at school! The only money I’ve made off the back of this blog has gone straight to charity, either by indirect sponsorship for the MS Society or through the Sponsor this block! campaign, which is on its way to making the Lymphoma Association £1500!

Happy Birthday SJAL

One year on and I’m back where I began; training for the London Marathon (2010). Best of luck to those who are training for the first ever Virgin London Marathon and I hope you’ll get touch through the comments on this blog with any tips, advice or well-wishing to your fellow marathon runners.

James – The Re-launch:

Sir Jog A LotWelcome to the new look Sir Jog A Lot!

After a painful few hours, Sir Jog A Lot has been given a much needed makeover.

You’ll now find links to the most popular posts, an easily accessable archive and a little bit of advertising (I’m so sorry). Please keep checking back for product reviews and competitions, as well as hilarious musings from some fresh contributors.

Subscribe to the RSS feed here or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date. Thanks for your continued support and do let us know what you think of the new site by leaving a comment.

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