REVIEW: Bose In-Ear (£79)

Bose In-Ear (£79)The reason I’ve included a review of the Bose In-Ear headphones is that I actually own a pair and have used them whilst running for the past 2 years. You can buy an updated version now, the Bose IE2 (In-Ear 2), but my PR connections only spread as far as those that get back to me after I email them so this review will have to do you for now.

For those that got an iPod for Christmas, or who went to the Apple store to buy one themselves, you might have noticed that not far from where you picked out your iPod in the Argos catalogue, or from the shelf in the store, were these headphones. It seems as though Apple have deemed these headphones good enough to replace the stock white atrocities that come with iPods.

And why shouldn’t they? The Bose In-Ear model is a supremely high-quality, durable and comfortable alternative. They’re an expensive alternative, let’s make no mistake about it. But these headphones are meant as an indulgence. Bose has a reputation for attracting consumers that love their music and spend anything to satisfy their need to keep up with the Joneses.

But for a good £80, there are one too many little foibles that shouldn’t be there for such an expensive model.

For instance, in-ear headphones should sit in your ear. These don’t. They simply balance precariously, rather than sealing themselves and as a result they fall out all of the time. It’s not as invasive as some inner-ear models, with the ‘spout’ section of the ear bud hovering in the ear canal. But a lot of sound leaks out and a lot of background noise leaks in. Push and hold the buds a little tighter in your ears and the quality is incredible. But for most people (who require the use of their arms) the bass just isn’t as good as you’d hope for.

Plus, for some strange reason, to a get a decent volume out of the headphones, your mp3 player has to be turned up way higher than usual (some devices I used couldn’t be turned up high enough). As a consequence, the battery life of your device is dramatically decreased (no good for you marathon runners out on three hour training runs).Bose and the box

What’s more, those balancing ear buds constantly detach themselves from the headphones or spin around out of position. It’s a bloody nightmare and I had to replace mine twice! Sure they need to be detachable so that they can be swapped for a more fitted version, but they shouldn’t have to be replaced every time I want to talk to someone.

The newer model seems to have remedied a few of these issues, with ear buds that are more stable and improved acoustics. This is great news as with the right ear position, these headphones could be the best there is. I can’t wait to try them.

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